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We partner with you to create the best insight to help you achieve your goals…

From individual projects to yearlong consultation…

By your side, we will champion your success!  


Helping you gain a deeper appreciation for who participates in your presentations. For many this is where it all begins. A powerful review to assist you and your team in creating approaches to improve patron loyalty, segmentation strategies, and evaluation tools; increasing revenue and lowering costs. Your data is a powerful tool in your decision making process, let us guide you in finding the best steps to move forward.



Create, adapt, and implement organizational-wide strategies to build customer commitment.   Build success with each campaign, appeal, and outreach you initiate to continue engaging your most loyal patrons and to minimize loss from those most at-risk constituents year after year.  Your data will help drive revenue-generating decisions from single ticket buyer to major donor and each level of commitment along the way.



Optimize pricing…create full houses…increase loyalty.  One-on-one counseling creates a partnership to maximizing your company’s potential.  Understanding your customers’ behavior allows for you to better capture the full income potential from your programs.



An annual fund, strong and comprehensive, is the backbone to every mature fundraising and development program. Analysis provides the base from which you can set goals and objectives to move your organization forward. Your next major donor is already in your database…we help focus your work.